Project Name: Bergpak, Suiderland Plase
Address: Piketberg, Western Cape, South Africa
Service: Design and Supply
Structural Steel Product: Agricultural Steel Structure
Steel Structure Type: Packhouse
Size: 11 900m²

Steel Structure: Packhouse Facility

About the Bergpak Packhouse Facility and Suiderland Plase in Piketberg.

Project Partner: TRE Group

Suiderland Plase started as a family business, and even with their growth over the years, they have maintained their commitment to family values, which remain integral to their culture. These values reflect their dedication to caring for and supporting their employees, many of whom come from disadvantaged communities. Suiderland Plase follows an empowerment model of co-ownership through workers’ trusts.

Bergpak, the third and largest citrus packhouse owned by Suiderland Plase, is a significant addition to their operations. Suiderland Plase is a South African grower, packer, and marketer of citrus and table grapes. Located in Piketberg, Bergpak is specifically designed for packing various citrus cultivars. It boasts four multiple-lane sorters, two sizers, and cooling facilities with a capacity for 1,200 bins.

In line with their commitment to sustainability, Bergpak incorporates solar energy capabilities and a runoff dam. The packhouse efficiently treats used water with enzymes, enabling its reuse for irrigation or safe release into a natural stream as clean water.

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About the Project: Design, Fabrication, and Erection of the Steel Structure.

With over 55 years of industry experience, LEMCO stands as a trusted steel company specializing in structural steel fabrication. Having been awarded the contract as the structural steel contractor for the new Bergpak warehouse packhouse facility in the Western Cape, we set out with a clear objective: to optimize the building’s structural steel design for maximum efficiency and functionality.

Upon receiving the architect’s drawings, our experienced team at LEMCO applied their value engineering skills to the structural steel design. This meticulous process allowed us to achieve cost reduction and enhanced functionality, ultimately increasing the overall value of the steel frame.

Careful attention was given to adapting the drawings, and eliminating unnecessary elements within the structural steel design while keeping a strong focus on prioritizing safety. This allowed us to save costs without compromising the structural integrity.

Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection.

Once the designs were signed off, they were handed over to our in-house structural steel manufacturing facility located in the Northern Cape, where we utilize state-of-the-art fabrication equipment whenever possible. This allows us to ensure precision and maintain high-quality standards.”

Benefits of Structural Steel Frames.
When it comes to choosing construction materials, opting for structural steel frames offers numerous advantages, especially at a time when costs are rising. One key benefit is the faster on-site installation process. Since most quality control is completed in the workshop before delivering the structural steel frame to the site, on-site installation becomes easier and quicker.

For the Bergpak project, our comprehensive scope of work in structural steel design and supply encompassed the steel frame, gutters, insulation, ventilation, and polycarbonate roof sheeting.

The steel frame was manufactured and erected in record time, showcasing our efficiency and expertise.

steel company western cape steel structure
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