Project Name:  H&H Wellington
Address: Wellington, Western Cape, South Africa
Service: Design and Supply
Structural Steel Product: Industrial Steel Structure
Steel Structure Type: Warehouse
Size: 1 280m²

Design and Supply | Structural Steel Design, Detailing, Fabrication, and Installation

This warehouse has an impressive roof covered in solar panels. Did you know solar panels can help keep your roof cooler in the hot summer sun?

“Installing solar panels on your roof can help keep the roof cool from the harsh rays of the sun. Solar panels will absorb the sunlight not only to produce power but also to protect the roof from direct sunlight. The solar panels effectively act as a shade tree over the roof. According to a study, they help reduce the temperature inside the home up to nearly 35% or more.” Reference

This project called for a complete turnkey structural steel solution, including everything from the initial designs to the final installation. We were able to provide our clients with a top-quality product that met all of their needs and expectations.

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