Shot Blasting Services - PeddiBlast in action

Welcome to our website! Here, you can learn all about the benefits of shot blasting structural steel. This process is especially important in areas with harsh climates, like coastal regions. Understanding why this process is so crucial can help keep your steel structure in top condition. 

We firmly believe that consistent quality and value services are of utmost importance, which is why we have invested in the PeddiBlast shot blasting machine as an offering for our clients.

The shot blasting process is vital to get the best performance out of anti-corrosion coatings. This is especially important in coastal and harsher climate locations where the steel is exposed to salt water and other extreme conditions. By shot blast cleaning the steel, we can remove any corrosive build-up and help to extend the life of the coating system.

The PeddiBlast is a powerful machine that can remove rust, mill scale, and corrosion from steel surfaces. This eliminates moisture which can cause problems with welding and painting. Shot blasting on structural steel also provides an ideal smooth surface finish for securing a bond between the steel surface and coat.

So to sum it up, why you should consider including this service is because shot blasting: 

  • Improves welding and paint finishes
  • Remove rust, mill scale, and corrosion more effectively
  • Prepares the surface
  • Eliminates moisture from beneath these corrosive products
  • Provides a smooth surface finish for securing a bond between the steel surface and coat.
  • Is fast
How this process of shot blasting structural steel works:

Abrasive blasting is a process that uses high-pressure streams of abrasive materials to remove contaminants from surfaces. This efficient and fast method can be used on rough and smooth surfaces and does not alter the fabrications chemically.

No other process is more suited to removing undesired layers or coating. That is one of the reasons we invested in the PeddiBlast, being able to offer clients cleaner welds and improved high-grade paint adhesion.

See the PeddiBlast shot last machine in action: 

Shot Blast Machine | PeddiBlast (Shot Blasting for Structural Steel).

In short, shot blasting structural steel ensures the coat adheres appropriately to your steel structure.

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