LEMCO Featured Design and Supply Structural Steel Project: Best Cheer Stone’s new Marble Processing Plant in Karibib Namibia 9200m²

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Best Cheer Stone’s exclusive quarries in Namibia consistently deliver high-quality, exotic stone which includes nine + exotic granites and four + unique white marble products.

Previously the raw marble mined in Karibib was transported via road to Walvis Bay in large dimension heavyweight blocks which were then cut into smaller sized blocks, slabs and mosaics pieces.

Their need for investment in a new processing plant arose from global demand increase, and the decision was made to build the new processing plant closer to the quarries.

With a new facility in Karibib nearer to the quarries, the marble is then processed onsite into the different products minimising the distance which marble waste would need to travel.

LEMCO was contacted in Feb 2018 to quote for Best Cheer Stone with the expansion of the new processing plant in Karibib. On first contact Best Cheer Stone provided LEMCO with a set of pre-drawn plans, requesting LEMCO’s to quote on the design.

As LEMCO specialises in turnkey steel solutions, we were able to value engineer the design and develop concept drawings within 72 hours and personally present to Best Cheer Stone Marble within three days at their premises in Walvis Bay. From there on our relationship evolved and we were awarded the project for the new marble processing facility in Karibib. A 9200m² warehouse designed to house overhead cranes over the full floor area of the structure.

Construction started on site in August, and the project has since grown to include another three structural steel structures which have been added onto the original building.

Thus far, the project was successful and to satisfy the clients required to programme an extra effort is put in by working well into the annual builders break.

LEMCO specialises in turnkey structural steel solutions through design, fabrication and the erection of steel structures.

The secret is in contacting and contracting LEMCO Group of Companies first. We will design, fabricate and erect your steel structure faster and being onsite first. We provide the platform and give your other suppliers the groundwork to complete the project in the shortest time possible, minimising additional expenditure and overhead costs. For more information on turnkey design and supply structural steel solutions contact our office in info@lemco.co.za